Searching for Michael Jackson…

Michael Jackson Cross Stitch

MJ himself

This Christmas, my family started a new tradition consisting of a white elephant gift exchange. To add additional competition, each person contributed $2 for the “kitty”. The person who brought the gift that was stolen the most, would win the money. With our twenty person Christmas, this equaled $40.

I found my gift at this year’s Handmade Arcade held at Pittsburgh’s Construction Junction. The Handmade Arcade is a yearly craft show for indie and punk rock crafters. Vendors sell everything from screen printed posters, hand made purses and jewelery, to….cross-stitch Michael Jacksons.

I snagged a Michael Jackson cross-stitch portrait for my gift. I knew when I saw it’s kitschy splendor that I was in the running for the kitty.

As I predicted, there were many battles over Michael Jackson. My mother has followed Michael through the years via the National Enquirer. She was determined to take home Michael once his awesomeness was revealed.

When it was all said and done, through the help of Franco, my father, Michael went home with my mother.

Tres and Matt have since inquired how they could purchase their very own Michael. Barry also loved Michael and is thinking about contacting the artist to make a custom cross-stitch portrait of his own.

However, Michael’s maker did not have business cards at her booth. I have contacted the event’s organizer to track down her info. If anyone knows how to reach this vendor, please leave a comment!

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3 Responses to “Searching for Michael Jackson…”

  1. Sweet baby Jesus, I think I’d like a Michael of my own.

    I love him.

  2. So, I just found out Michael’s maker:

    Al Hoff, aka TinyRat



  3. What a talent!!…Al, your work is inspired….
    MJ looks best in the pink jacket-blue background

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