Woo there it is!

So, woos were to be had at the Lebowski party. Woo in effect y’all! Enjoy!

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One Response to “Woo there it is!”

  1. For those unfamiliar with the “woo” phenomenon…A long time ago, a man we will call Mr. Martin began instinctively and often times unknowingly yelling “woo” after every song at every concert Mr. Martin and his friends attended. The “woo” was a very loud and distinctive.

    Soon, Mr. Martin was caught “woo-ing” after his own band would finish a song on stage. Quite funny.

    As a result, a small group of girls managed to get entire said band’s audience to “woo” after each of the band’s songs. This has now continued for several months and the goal is to introduce new audience members to the power of the “woo” at every show.

    Hence the hilarity of the “woo” video.

    “Woos” for all occasions.

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