Recap of the Chris Cornell Concert

For my birthday, my brother Luke, purchased me a ticket to see Projekt Revolution in Pittsburgh. This is the Linkin Park tour w/ guests Chris Cornell, The Bravery, and Busta Rhymes. Yes Busta.

Anyways, he was going with all his friends to see Linkin Park and I am a HUGE Soundgarden fan.

It ended up being a quite surreal experience.

Here is a brief recap:

  • The crowd represented how other countries picture typical Americans. This was not a good thing.
  • Plenty of muscle shirts, white leather high tops, acid washed shorts, and bikini tops that were two sizes too small.
  • Tattoos that may be questioned later in life including Yosemite Sam and a gecko with a tail that circled a man’s pierced nipple.
  • Lots of corsets with thigh high patent leather boots.
  • Insanely drunk men wrestling for fun on a cement slab throughout Chris Cornell’s set. Yes, they were bleeding.
  • A plethora of girl on girl dancing.
  • Bonfire that errupted in the middle of the crowd during Linkin Park. It was a real bonfire – large. This was a first.
  • Lots of jumping and pumping of fists.
  • I love boobies t-shirt.
  • 6 pack abs t-shirt converted into a muscle shirt that had side openings to the bottom of the shirt. Real abs created by many many six packs were revealed.
  • I love vagina t-shirts and hats – everywhere.
  • Being hit on my a very drunk man and having to pretend my brother was my date so he would leave.
  • Flag Man.
    Flag man ran with a flag the entire evening throughout the crowd. Here is an action shot courtesy of Doug’s I-phone as he ran to put the flag in our faces. Please notice the crowd’s reaction.

flag man

However, real highlights included Chris Cornell performing Soundgarden songs and a few by Audioslave. I always regret that I never had the opportunity to see Soundgarden when they were together. Tonight helped make up for that missed opp. Rusty Cage and Black Hole Sun with a backup band that rocked it.

I went to Seattle recently and I purchased magents from the gentleman below at Pike’s Market. They are hand crafted drawings embedded in acrylic and converted to magnets. Some are of Seattle. Others featured of “grunge” era subject matter. Others are just plain funny or are eclectic art. Anyways, we talked for a while and he actually knows Chris Cornell. They ate vegetarian food together and his mother was Chris Cornell’s wife’s mid-wife. There are a lot of hippies in Seattle.

magnet man

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2 Responses to “Recap of the Chris Cornell Concert”

  1. Your recap of the concert was pretty much dead on.. however, I missed the bonfire.

    Seeing that picture of the Flag Man pretty much made my day. He went past me and my boyfriend at least 5 times, and at one point, there were little kids running after him.

    Anyways, awesome concert.

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