Artistic Fire Photos in a Cougar’s Den

A week ago Friday, I spent a lovely evening with friends at the cabana bar located in Wexford. I learned from Ambergurrl that the Tiki Bar was voted the top “Cougar” destination in south west PA. She was not kidding but I say more power to the ladies for their May December relationships.

According to :

North Park Field House, Wexford, PA
“I don’t go there often. But the North Park Field House at the Oxford Club, in Wexford, PA is a major den. Every time, I go there I feel like I am on safari and I am the prey.”

Back to the photos….During the evening, our new friend, Justin, cleverly showed us the powers of changing a few settings on my Cannon SD800 camera. Anctics ensued.

Be careful if you sit near the fire pits. The men at the Tiki Bar support the use of massive amounts of hair gel (and self-tanner). Hair gel is quite flammable. Watch out:

fire pit caldron

This is the best photo ever. Sick Puppy from the Should I Drink That? podcast in his full glory.

Sick Puppy

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2 Responses to “Artistic Fire Photos in a Cougar’s Den”

  1. sickpuppy showed me that last night before we recorded. BADASS!

  2. I can’t wait to be a cougar someday. The next 15 years really can’t go by fast enough for me.

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