The Gnomes are Back to No Good.


It has made national news. Gnomes are causing more trouble….and this time in Pittsburgh!

Greensburg man guilty of using gnome as weapon.

This is not a joke. Click the link above to read this local story. I always knew gnomes were trouble.

I first reported that here: READ ABOUT MR. CREEPY GNOME…in ARGENTINA!!!

I think it is a conspiracy. What do you think? I have not been able to find an update on the Argentinian Gnome. Does anybody know what happened?


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One Response to “The Gnomes are Back to No Good.”

  1. It’s hard to believe that alcohol was involved. At least he won’t be messed with in prison once they find out what a bad ass he is with a gnome. Gnome wielders typically carry a lot of street cred in lock-up. One of the guys on that show “OZ” was in for gnoming someone.

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