i love rims and you should too!

I love rims and I’m not being ironic or sarcastic. I seriously would love to have some spinner 22’s on my Acura…preferably in gold.

Rims come in all shapes and sizes – just like people. However, unlike people, rims will always make you smile. They will never let you down. I once saw an elderly gentleman


driving a super old burnt orange Ford Focus in Beaver Falls.


The best part was that he had “snap-on” spinner “Fims”. Urban Dictionary definition of “Fims”:


Fake rims. The cheap plastic snap on rim/spinner you can buy at walmart for a couple of bucks.

It was pure awesomeness and they made me smile.

So, here are some distractions to enjoy while at work. Or, if you are having a bad day, please watch the videos below. I guarantee these rims will make you smile as if you were wearing a pink sapphire grill (I want one of those too…).



Why didn’t my prom date get this?:

For you country folk!:

Lean like a cholo!:

For the yuppies!:

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5 Responses to “i love rims and you should too!”

  1. ambergurrl Says:

    Are those exclamation points and apostrophes on that grill or just fangs? Either way, I think I need that grill. I’m a girl who digs both grammar AND vampires.

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  3. я думаю: мне понравилось.

  4. I remember I tried this a while back. It brings back good memories. Nothing good seems to work the first time. How long did it take you? I look forward to your next post.

  5. Thought provoking blog. My class mates and I were just talking about this the other day. Also your post looks great on my old palm treo. And thats rare. Nice work.

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