“They’re coming to get you Barbara!” – Night of the Living Dead (1968)

South Side Zombie Walk

This past Saturday was the annual South Side Zombie Walk. I happened to be at a party in South Side Saturday so I sneaked away for 20 minutes to find me some brains…er..uh..zombies! The Zombie Walk started at 8 PM in the evening. After the “walk”, word on the street was to look for Zombies…at Dee’s! Zombies at a punk rock, indie, dirty, cheep beer, dive bar…totally makes sense. Love it!

The following are zombies I encountered on Carson Street and at Dee’s. Enjoy!

zombies geekstar.com
People seriously went all out. If you didn’t have Zombie make-up, you could get zombie-fied at the Town Tavern.

zombies geekstar.com
These guys were great. They kept yelling that they were zombie squatters! After the photo, they asked my friend and I to buy them a six pack.

zombies geekstar.com
This was Tommy Chong’s zombie…or at least I think so.

Tommy Chong.

zombies geekstar.com
This zombie was wearing a “Job For A Cowboy” t-shirt. That band scares me.
I should have told them that Job For A Cowboy is having a meet-n-greet at Hot Topic. That is soooo not metal.


zombies geekstar.com
I met this zombie at Dee’s. That’s actually a punk rocker behind him. He seriously creeped me out with those green teeth. Oh, and what is up with the Japanese Star Wars T-shirt? He is a metal zombie with a geeky side.

zombies geekstar.com
These two zombie lovers were also at Dee’s drinking PBR out of a plastic pitcher. Seriously, look close and you can see the Pabst logo. What’s awesome is that this guy made me wait while he put on his “Elmo” head. Yes, he told me he was an Elmo Zombie.

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