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Every so often I pull my web statistics and post all of the amazing and fantastic search phrases people have “googled” that resulted with finding I find them utterly amusing and surprising every time and by posting them for your enjoyment, I will continue to grow my “eclectic reader base”! (fellow geeks that understand SEO – search engine optomization – get what I’m sayin’…)

Here are some of the best of the best:

  • goth kittens robots pictures (This is awesome!)
  • cats with piercings
  • Woo there it is
  • hoof and beek
  • octopus wiener shaper
  • goth girl pics pittsb
  • no run nylons
  • rings of submission
  • pink faux hawk
  • pink glue guns
  • muscle high tops
  • wholesale muscle shirts
  • funny muscle shirts
  • muscle dude
  • salvador dali cross stitch patterns
  • southside bald fade
  • faux hawk knit hat
  • garfield + monday
  • get your crunk on (meaning?) – I’m glad geekstar is educating people.
  • pbr tattoos (I hope someone is not researching for an upcoming tat…)
  • pbr models
  • pbr
  • pbr pictures
  • pbr wallpaper
  • pbr pics
  • pbr usa
  • what is pbr? (seriously???)
  • Micheal Jackson Cross Stitch
  • michael jackson muscle shirt
  • love rims
  • snap on spinners rims (YESSSS!)
  • walmart snap on rims

What is this all about?:

  • mean sarcastic break up letter
  • the dramatic reading of a break up letter
  • a real breakup letter from a real person
  • best sarcastic break up letter ever
  • “A REAL Breakup letter from a REAL person”
  • breakup letter wallpaper
  • my dream boyfriend
  • magic mc
  • crappy children’s artwork (5 people searched this and found geekstar!)
  • fashion tips from a guy who knows dick about fashion
  • cursive love
  • Ryan Phipps Napster
  • choclate napster
  • chocolate celebrations pittsburgh
  • only chocolate stars candy
  • muscle pick up lines
  • cafe muscle cross tattoo
  • cholo tattoo mural
  • wakes up with a shout n nightmares
  • just for giggles the urban dictionary
  • old time deep sea diver photos
  • love is indier
  • burn orange ford focus
  • gold ford focus
  • wrestling bulges
  • chris cornell abdominals
  • geakstur (seriously?)
  • Halloween paint factory house
  • boyfriend shirt pattern
  • Conor Oberst Amish Hipster

always one of my top search phrases…sigh…:

  • best cougar bars in pittsburgh
  • cougar bars in pittsburgh
  • cougar cross stitch free
  • cougar cross stitch
  • japan cougar bar  (I guess is now the INTERNATIONAL search destination for cougar bars…)
  • cougar bars pittsburgh


  • geeky giggles

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4 Responses to “Conor Oberst Amish Hipster”

  1. There was a site called Progressive Boink that listed search terms that hit their site. Good times with that. I hadn’t had any on my site yet…it’s mostly direct traffic.

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