Boom Chick w/ Wreckids & Nik and the Central Plains: 8/13 Thunderbird Cafe


Boom Chick w/ Wreckids & Nik Westman and The Central Plains
Friday, August 13, 2010 9:00 PM
4023 Butler St, Pittsburgh PA 15201

Boom Chick was born when songwriter Frank Hoier invited girlfriend Moselle Spiller to sit at a drum kit. Despite it being her first time, a simple suggestion of 1 2 3 4 on the hit hat, with a boom chick boom chick, and Moselle was naturally drumming.

Through countless sweaty Brooklyn loft dance parties, constant rehearsal and performing, & in less than a year Boom Chick has captured it’s living breathing sounds in a 2 inch tape. Recorded mostly live with minimal overdubs, “Show Pony” has all the energy, love and bones you can pack into 20 minutes.

Boom Chick’s sound and influences come from their shared love of that ‘atomic’ energy of 50’s Rock n’ Roll, electrified slide Delta & Chicago Blues, and Surf Rock guitar. You will definitely hear traces of Chess & Sun Records, and the early 60’s girl groups.

The energy that Moselle brings to the drums is thunderous, charging and forcibly danceable. You’ll find no broken hearted ‘indie rock’ here. Just the sharing of celebration and joy as early Rock n’ Roll expressed.

Experience Boom Chick Friday, August 13 with the Wreckids and local favorites Nik Westman and The Central Plains.

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