Nilbog’in It Up!: Best Worst Movie Troll 2 Remix

Last year, my resolution was to “Enjoy More Amazing Films and Music in 2010”. Mission accomplished.

I love old films and Troll 2 did not disappoint. I use the word “film” very generously. This “Best Worst Movie” is the sequel to Troll. However, Troll 2 doesn’t feature trolls but the lesser known goblin from the town of Nilbog. They are “vegetarian” goblins who eat people. Can you get super power strength from a bologna sandwich? Yes.

There are many low budget special effects (goblins wearing burlap sacks and latex masks) and quotable one-liners (“You can’t piss on hospitality!”) in this film. In 2009, the lead child actor, “Joshua”, created a documentary about Troll 2 titled, Best Worst Movie. The documentary revisits many of the original actors, current devotees of the film, and the movie’s Italian director who still doesn’t quite get that the movie is ummm not highly regarded by film critics. It’s said that the Italian director doesn’t speak English very well so the script is full of choppy dialogue and unintended off-color jokes. He insisted that the script be read exactly as he wrote it word-for-word. This all adds up to awesomeness!

This fantastic gem of a film has been remixed to the captivating sounds of Lil’ Jon. I’m sharing this video with you so that you’ll be encouraged to watch Troll 2 asap on your Netflix Instant View! I still need to get my hands on the documentary. I can’t wait!

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