Video: Steeler Fans Superbowl Victory East Carson Street Pittsburgh

So, after two years…I finally edited together a compilation of all things yinzer, South Side, and Superbowl Steelers from 2009! My friends and I watched the Superbowl at the Double Wide Grill and then joined thousands of Steeler fans on East Carson Street. Fortunately, I was armed with my Flip video camera to capture all the craziness. The following video is a compilation of the best clips from over 80 videos I took that night. I have to say, this was some of the best people watching I have ever experienced anywhere. It’s up there with the annual “Furry Convention” we crashed last summer. Speaking of which, I still need to get those photos posted…

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One Response to “Video: Steeler Fans Superbowl Victory East Carson Street Pittsburgh”

  1. Love it! Brought back great memories, Hope that we have this much fun on Sunday! Go Steelers!

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