Fast Five: Movie Sneak Preview Passes

Sneak Preview Screening Fast Five
When: Tuesday, April 26 at 7:30 PM
Where: AMC Loews Waterfront, Pittsburgh

If you would like to win a free pass (each admits 2 people) to the SNEAK PREVIEW screening of Fast Five, leave a comment on this post. Express your admiration for Vin Diesel, the Fast and the Furious movie franchise, Ludacris, and cars with nitrous oxide boosters! I have a limited number of passes. Passes will be mailed Thursday April 21, no exceptions. Thanks for participating!

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker lead a reunion of returning all-stars from every chapter of the explosive franchise built on speed in “Fast Five.” In this installment, former cop Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) partners with ex-con Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) on the opposite side of the law. Dwayne Johnson joins returning favorites Jordana Brewster, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot, Matt Schulze, Tego Calderon and Don Omar for this ultimate high-stakes race.

Since Brian and Mia Toretto (Brewster) broke Dom out of custody, they’ve blown across many borders to elude authorities. Now backed into a corner in Rio de Janeiro, they must pull one last job in order to gain their freedom. As they assemble their elite team of top racers, the unlikely allies know their only shot of getting out for good means confronting the corrupt businessman who wants them dead. But he’s not the only one on their tail.

Hard-nosed federal agent Luke Hobbs (Johnson) never misses his target. When he is assigned to track down Dom and Brian, he and his strike team launch an all-out assault to capture them. But as his men tear through Brazil, Hobbs learns he can’t separate the good guys from the bad. Now, he must rely on his instincts to corner his prey… before someone else runs them down first.

Since Ludacris is in Fast Five, I had to give him a shout out with some sweet rides!

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21 Responses to “Fast Five: Movie Sneak Preview Passes”

  1. They used a Mitsubishi Eclipse in one movie and I loved it because I had that car. Sadly my car was neither fast nor furious.

  2. What has always interested me about the Fast and the Furious series is the order they go into. From one, two, four, five, and three. It has been a little while since Vin Disel and Ludacris have been in the spotlight…here’s hoping that this will be their comeback.

  3. My boyfriend loves the fast and furious franchise. I have watched Tokyo Drift more times than I am willing to admit. =)I would love to be able to take him to the sneak preview for his bday! Thanks- P

  4. My husband loves the fast and furious series….and Vin Disel is nice to look at from my view. We’d love to see the sneak preview:)

  5. William Rudolph Says:

    Vin Diesel is terrific in the fast and furious franchise. Lot’s of good lookin’ cars and lot’s of action. Would love to have a pass for this.
    William Rudolph
    27 Hartford St.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15203

  6. Jean Miksic Says:

    Vin Diesel is the greatest!. He makes the Fast and Furious what is is.

  7. Nick Money Says:

    Vin Deisel is a beast, can’t wait to see the show down between him and The Rock

  8. Duane Bowers Says:

    Now this looks like the best of high speed, high destruction Fast and Furious movies. It’s going to be good to see all the old faces and actions back together.

  9. Kristy Remo Says:

    Vin Diesel vs. The Rock??? EPIC!!!


  11. Chris Thorn Says:

    This movie is gonna be awesome. I don’t care what people say
    About the F&f movies, they are all awesome

  12. Love me some Vin! It’s been awhile since he’s been in one of these!

  13. Fast and Furious. I have seen the other ones and can’t wait to see this one. i would love some free passes.

  14. This Fast looks even better than the last one with the addition of Dwayne this should be non stop action!!!!!!

  15. Im excited to see Luda and Tyrese both in this movie!!! Putting these two guys together is great, wish they had a song on the soundtrack.

  16. It will be nice to see Vin Diesel back in the series. They are milking this one, but they are still very entertaining.

  17. Jill Carroll Says:

    I would like to go! Thanks for this contest!!

  18. I love to attend free movie screenings!

  19. My boyfriend wants to see this for the girls and cars. I want to see it for the guys. Sounds like a perfect date night to me 🙂 thank you!

  20. Really enjoy the Fast and Furious movies and have them all on DVD. The cars are AWESOME! Can’t wait to see the Fast Five!

  21. asia miksic Says:

    even though luda looked better with the big fro, i’d still love to see him and of course the rock because i’m one of the millions and millions of rock’s fans!!!!!!!!

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