The Wilderness Downtown

September 10th, 2010 geekstar Posted in Art, Fave Sites & Finds, Film, Geeky, Design, Web, Music 4 Comments »

Hello, and thank you for reading this blog post. Now go to After visiting the site, forward this blog post to 5 people in the following 5 minutes. You will now have 5 friends who think you are extremely hip and on the cutting edge of all things cool.

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Hippies Crying Over Dead Trees…and I kind of love it.

March 9th, 2010 geekstar Posted in Fave Sites & Finds, Giggles 4 Comments »

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You don’t know love…

January 21st, 2010 geekstar Posted in Fave Sites & Finds, Music 5 Comments »

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Hipster Cross Stitch Patterns

January 20th, 2010 geekstar Posted in Fave Sites & Finds, Geeky, Design, Web, Giggles 1,093 Comments »

Every so often I pull my web statistics and post all of the amazing and fantastic search phrases people have “googled” that resulted with finding I find them utterly amusing and surprising every time and by posting them for your enjoyment, I will continue to grow my “eclectic reader base”! (fellow geeks that understand SEO – search engine optomization – get what I’m sayin’…)

Here we go again!

  • Cougar Bars in Pittsburgh (still top of the list!)
  • Crappy childern’s artwork
  • Amazing films
  • Stephen Tribou (he’s one of my best friends!)
  • Salvador Dali Cross Stitch Patterns
  • Conor Oberst hipster
  • woo there
  • They’re coming to get you barbara shirt (loves it!)
  • amish or hipster (yesssss!)
  • Michael Jackson cross stitch
  • PBR cross stitch (geekstar is the official hipster cross stitch pattern website! or so it seems…)


  • Feed the Beat
  • Hipster Cross Stitch Patterns Free (see what I’m saying???)
  • i love rims (geekstar loves rims too!)
  • Conor Oberst Tattoo
  • Garfield Monday
  • Conor Oberst Sensitive (yes this is the truth and why so many emo girls love conor and his amish hat!)
  • hipster cross stitch
  • cover up muscle shirts
  • We’re coming to get you Barbara!
  • Sarcastic break up letter
  • manman
  • chong (chong is awesome!)
  • yt cracker
  • gnomes (i have a deep appreciation of gnomes. perfect hostess gift…hint! hint!)


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Enjoy More Amazing Films and Music in 2010…

January 1st, 2010 geekstar Posted in Art, Fave Sites & Finds, Music 59 Comments »

That’s my plan.

Animal Collective + Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita” = Smiles

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Holy Awesome!

May 29th, 2009 geekstar Posted in Fave Sites & Finds, Giggles 6 Comments »

I know it is summer and I can’t imagine wearing knit hats and sweaters…but c’mon…this is fantastic!

Best Hat Ever!


You can be an indie hipster too with an instant beard or stache…and warm!

Perfect with PBR!

And they sell Fu Manchus!!! AMAZING!


wow. just wow.

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The Muscle Hustle

May 18th, 2009 geekstar Posted in Fave Sites & Finds, Geeky, Design, Web, Giggles No Comments »

I recently saw this video on, one of my favorite websites. I wouldn’t be a good little Geekstar if I didn’t share “Muscle Madness” with you! Cross your fingers that this gaming masterpiece gets released in the USA!

  • Best opening credits ever! Muscle asterisms, rainbows, and sheep!
  • Best theme music ever! Haunting little girl’s voice…over ADD inducing beats!
  • Best character ever! Muscle dude sporting a green speedo, top hat, and biting a rose!

But there’s nothing like the real thing!:

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