Punk Rock

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well said.

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photo by SteelCityHobbies

So, one of my good friends, Joby, wrote the next great Steeler fight song.

Check it out here on it’s own myspace page: myspace.com/steelernationrise

Help get the word out. I love that it has a Rage Against the Machine Vibe. The X should be all over it anyday now…

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The Gnomes are Back to No Good.

August 20th, 2008 geekstar Posted in Fave Sites & Finds, Giggles, Pittsburgh 1 Comment »


It has made national news. Gnomes are causing more trouble….and this time in Pittsburgh!

Greensburg man guilty of using gnome as weapon.

This is not a joke. Click the link above to read this local story. I always knew gnomes were trouble.

I first reported that here: READ ABOUT MR. CREEPY GNOME…in ARGENTINA!!!

I think it is a conspiracy. What do you think? I have not been able to find an update on the Argentinian Gnome. Does anybody know what happened?

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Fashion tips for women from a guy who knows dick about fashion.

May 8th, 2008 geekstar Posted in Fave Sites & Finds, Giggles No Comments »


I should warn you, this site is funny yet a little off color. However, I laughed out loud.

Some of it is very true….scary but true.

Click here to view!

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My dream boyfriend rides on 22s…

March 16th, 2008 geekstar Posted in Fave Sites & Finds, Friends & Fun Times 1 Comment »

So, as Becky and I drove to church tonight I had my IPOD on shuffle mode. I like shuffle mode because each song is like a little surprise! Tonight my IPOD played my favorite song “Ridin’ Spinners” by 3 Six Mafia. I know every word to this masterpiece. If I ever hit the lottery, my first purchase will be Dub Spinners to compliment a sweet black escalade with tinted windows, black leather seats, and full on speakers galore. I want roll in a ride that looks like a bodyguard would be driving a rapper… I’m Italian I love me a caddy….

Anyways, in honor of my favorite song and my love of rims, I am sharing the following videos. Enjoy.

Hommage to Spinners by Brazilian Boy:

I changed my mind. I’m buying this car when I hit the lottery:

3 Six Mafia Ridin’ Spinners:

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There’s no place like gnome.

March 11th, 2008 geekstar Posted in Fave Sites & Finds, Giggles 1 Comment »

Have you read the news today? A sideways walking little gnome is terrorizing an Argentinian town. He appears at night and the whole community is up in arms!

This story has made international news. A group of teenagers filmed the gnome on their cell phone – listen as one boy screams in fear! I love me a gnome but this shiznit is creepy!

I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds…

Read the article and see the video here.


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This is too cute that I can’t look away…

February 19th, 2008 geekstar Posted in Fave Sites & Finds, Giggles No Comments »

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