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August 4th, 2009 geekstar Posted in Geeky, Design, Web, Giggles 4,574 Comments »

Every so often I pull my web statistics and post all of the amazing and fantastic search phrases people have “googled” that resulted with finding I find them utterly amusing and surprising every time and by posting them for your enjoyment, I will continue to grow my “eclectic reader base”! (fellow geeks that understand SEO – search engine optomization – get what I’m sayin’…)

Here are some of the best of the best:

  • goth kittens robots pictures (This is awesome!)
  • cats with piercings
  • Woo there it is
  • hoof and beek
  • octopus wiener shaper
  • goth girl pics pittsb
  • no run nylons
  • rings of submission
  • pink faux hawk
  • pink glue guns
  • muscle high tops
  • wholesale muscle shirts
  • funny muscle shirts
  • muscle dude
  • salvador dali cross stitch patterns
  • southside bald fade
  • faux hawk knit hat
  • garfield + monday
  • get your crunk on (meaning?) – I’m glad geekstar is educating people.
  • pbr tattoos (I hope someone is not researching for an upcoming tat…)
  • pbr models
  • pbr
  • pbr pictures
  • pbr wallpaper
  • pbr pics
  • pbr usa
  • what is pbr? (seriously???)
  • Micheal Jackson Cross Stitch
  • michael jackson muscle shirt
  • love rims
  • snap on spinners rims (YESSSS!)
  • walmart snap on rims

What is this all about?:

  • mean sarcastic break up letter
  • the dramatic reading of a break up letter
  • a real breakup letter from a real person
  • best sarcastic break up letter ever
  • “A REAL Breakup letter from a REAL person”
  • breakup letter wallpaper
  • my dream boyfriend
  • magic mc
  • crappy children’s artwork (5 people searched this and found geekstar!)
  • fashion tips from a guy who knows dick about fashion
  • cursive love
  • Ryan Phipps Napster
  • choclate napster
  • chocolate celebrations pittsburgh
  • only chocolate stars candy
  • muscle pick up lines
  • cafe muscle cross tattoo
  • cholo tattoo mural
  • wakes up with a shout n nightmares
  • just for giggles the urban dictionary
  • old time deep sea diver photos
  • love is indier
  • burn orange ford focus
  • gold ford focus
  • wrestling bulges
  • chris cornell abdominals
  • geakstur (seriously?)
  • Halloween paint factory house
  • boyfriend shirt pattern
  • Conor Oberst Amish Hipster

always one of my top search phrases…sigh…:

  • best cougar bars in pittsburgh
  • cougar bars in pittsburgh
  • cougar cross stitch free
  • cougar cross stitch
  • japan cougar bar  (I guess is now the INTERNATIONAL search destination for cougar bars…)
  • cougar bars pittsburgh


  • geeky giggles
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You Tube Knows Geekstar Oh So Well…

June 2nd, 2009 geekstar Posted in Geeky, Design, Web, Giggles 102 Comments »

So, when you create an account at, the site will start to recommend videos for you to view based off of past searches, views, etc.

I logged into my account today and was amused by my recommendations. Earlier today, it was ‘Robot Fail’ but now, all eight are a perfect fit! This is so me.

Salvador Dali

French Surrealism

Beavis and Butthead and their rock video commentaries (HILARIOUS!)

Oh my gosh, I love water slides. Who wants to go to Sandcastle???

Dubs and Donks? Sign me up!

This is my all time favorite Povich Phobia Video! You have to watch the entire clip. It just gets more awesome by the second…

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The Muscle Hustle

May 18th, 2009 geekstar Posted in Fave Sites & Finds, Geeky, Design, Web, Giggles No Comments »

I recently saw this video on, one of my favorite websites. I wouldn’t be a good little Geekstar if I didn’t share “Muscle Madness” with you! Cross your fingers that this gaming masterpiece gets released in the USA!

  • Best opening credits ever! Muscle asterisms, rainbows, and sheep!
  • Best theme music ever! Haunting little girl’s voice…over ADD inducing beats!
  • Best character ever! Muscle dude sporting a green speedo, top hat, and biting a rose!

But there’s nothing like the real thing!:

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Beautiful Spring Day in Oakland – Pittsburgh, PA

April 17th, 2009 geekstar Posted in Art, Geeky, Design, Web, photography, Pittsburgh 7 Comments »

I happened to have my Canon XSI with me while in Oakland. Here are some photos from a lovely afternoon in the city. Enjoy!

(Oakland, Cathedral of Learning, Carnegie Museum, Carnegie Library, Joe MaMa’s, CMU Spring Festival, S Craig Street)

All photos © pittsburgh, pa

img_1651.jpg pittsburgh, pa pittsburgh, pa pittsburgh, pa pittsburgh, pa pittsburgh, pa pittsburgh, pa pittsburgh, pa pittsburgh, pa pittsburgh, pa pittsburgh, pa

img_1654.jpg pittsburgh, pa pittsburgh, pa pittsburgh, pa pittsburgh, pa pittsburgh, pa pittsburgh, pa pittsburgh, pa pittsburgh, pa

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Geekstar is high tops, muscle shirts, and faux hawks…

March 25th, 2009 geekstar Posted in Geeky, Design, Web, Giggles 2,013 Comments »

Just checking my monthly website stats and I am still amazed about how people are discovering I had to list some of favorite search phrases – what people are google-ing and finding geekstar!

All I can say is “wow”.

  • submission rings (#2 google search result!)
  • “Worst pick-up line”
  • anthony kiedes
  • real break up letter
  • over the bar bicycle cafe
  • music keys
  • geekstar hero
  • chris cornell wife (not sure why they ended up at…this may be geekstar’s dream but not a reality…just kidding)
  • counted cross stitch cougar pattern 
  • artistic fire pictures
  • pittsburgh compilations local bands
  • artistic mosh (this is amazing)
  • old people with piercings gauged (i am a little scared. yes.)
  • fire haired v*****
  • worst pick up line for 2009
  • pictures of artistice fire
  • “The Takeover UK”
  • faux hawk (view a faux hawk of sorts here:
  • artistic photos of fire
  • hipsters at roustabout bar bleu
  • cougar bar pittsburgh
  • read break up note out loud funny
  • Funny goth kittens (i would like to find these too!)
  • “cabana bar” cougar
  • faux-hawk models
  • cougar bars pittsburgh
  • 500 piercings
  • is chris cornell vegetarian
  • wrought iron bicyle art
  • worst pickup line
  • YT Crackers website Cover up images
  • ryan phipps -linebacker -football -church (i know ryan phipps and these things do not go together)
  • bands good (straight to the point! i agree!)
  • rock bands visiting pittsburgh in 2009
  • thunderbird cafe capacity
  • luxx pgh hair
  • chocolate bar wallpaper
  • does garfield artworks have a bar?
  • scary but true
  • custom chocolate sculptures
  • all things bicycle bar south side pittsburgh
  • get your crunk on (page 1 google results! is right under get-your-crunk-on at the social networking site for goths!)
  • gnomes
  • chocolate bar statistics
  • Rage Against the Machine Pacific Rim 2008 Black Tour T-Shirt
  • meta cafe michael jackson music video
  • philly irish pub saturday night
  • worst pickup lines ever
  • sam manson
  • keys to having a successful afterparty
  • steeler nation
  • manson cross (i’m a little disturbed to be on page 1 of google results…)
  • frontalot you’ll be i like my
  • geek night pittsburgh
  • info on artists who painted with the theme food and drink
  • pink’s faux hawks
  • geekstar podcats (what’s a podcat? are they related to gothic kittens?)
  • chocolate celebrations pittsburgh
  • i love vagina shirt
  • cougar bar pics
  • projekt revolution tshirt
  • chris cornell abs
  • 14 in piercings
  • graffiti cross stitch
  • skankity (#2 on google! impressive!)
  • social bookmark bar


  • “high tops” “muscle shirt” (#1 on google! right above wholesale muscle shirts!)


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Love is Indier at

February 17th, 2009 geekstar Posted in Geeky, Design, Web, Giggles 7 Comments »

Late December, 2008, I finally upgraded to have professional website statistics. Tonight, I decided to review the search phrases people are searching that in one way or another directed them to


I’ve bolded some of my favorite search phrases below. I’m proud of my readers for their love of Chris Cornell, gnomes, cougars, and spinners. We are kindred spirits.

How did you find

  • submission rings
  • dramatic reading of a real break up letter
  • chris cornell vegetarian
  • gnomes
  • gifts boyfriend
  • Chris Cornell wife
  • chris cornell’s wife
  • cougar
  • 14 gauge piercing rings
  • cougars in PA
  • scary gnomes
  • artistic fire
  • chocolate shoes and purses
  • linkin park tattoos
  • gnome club group picture
  • ridin spinners t shirt
  • my chocolate boyfriend
  • rides on 22’s
  • gothic kitten
  • gauge piercings
  • steeler nation rise
  • my dream boyfriend
  • chris cornell cross stitch pattern
  • “i love vagina” button
  • chocolate pizza factory
  • Chris Cornell
  • christmas and guns
  • get your crunk on
  • chocolate bar wallpaper
  • Geektar
  • mc lars
  • cougar safari in pittsburgh bars
  • cougar fire support
  • real break up letter
  • garfield na rapget
  • anti-folk pittsburgh scene
  • random lava
  • “key party” pittsburgh
  • sweater kittens
  • what happened to the argentinian gnome
  • wham! fishface i adore
  • real break up letter read out loud funny
  • cougar bars pittsburgh
  • mc lars fans
  • i love vagina shirt
  • goth girls frontalot sample
  • wham japanese imports
  • funny candy names
  • i want japanese boyfriend shirt
  • fashion tips for a woman from a guy who knows dick about fashion


  • love is indier

thank you for your support.

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Pittsburgh Twestifal 2009

February 10th, 2009 geekstar Posted in Events, Geeky, Design, Web, Pittsburgh 4 Comments »

Pittsburgh Twestifal 2009

Tweet. Meet. Give.

On 12 February 2009 175+ cities around the world will be hosting Twestivals which bring together Twitter communities for an evening of fun and to raise money and awareness for charity: water.

The Twestival is organized 100% by volunteers in cities around the world and 100% of the money raised from these events will go directly to support charity: water projects.


When: Thursday, 12 February 2009; 6-9 PM
Cost: $10 donation (gets you one raffle ticket for great prizes and admission)
Buy tix online:
Where: Downey House , 6080 Steubenville Pike Mc Kees Rocks, PA 15136-1398

Downey’s House in Robinson, Twp will be housing the crowd. Located on Stubenville Pike, Downey’s will be featuring live entertainment, courtesy of Juan Vasquez from Sauce. Get ready for some good food, good music, great prizes and even better company.

Pittsburgh’s Twestifal will benefit:
is a non-profit organization that helps to bring clean, safe drinking water to those that cannot otherwise afford or obtain it. Let’s break the numbers down… 1.1 billion people don’t have clean drinking water. That is 1 in every 6 people. WOW!

Raffle Donations:

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