Hellblinki: Garfield Artworks Tuesday 9/25

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Hellblinki with Patricia Wake and Illusion of Joy
Tuesday, September 25th
Garfield Artworks (4931 Penn Ave.)
8 PM (all ages)

Hellblinki has emerged out of the bohemian mountain enclave of Asheville, NC, from which Andrew Benjamin (vocals, guitar, drums, accordion), Valerie Meiss (vocals, accordion, toy piano, ukelele, saw), & JonPaul Hess (bass, keyboard, organ pedals) deliver their signature blend of American folk, European cabaret, punk, and noise rock experimentation. Hellblinki creates a world from found sound, pirate songs, and dirty south blues. The lyrics are philosophical, the tunes are odd and catchy, and Hellblinki ushers the audience into a grinningly sinister world, not quite like our own.

The band has opened for Gogol Bordello, Unknown Hinson, and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, and has toured the country with Voltaire. They have entertained festival-goers & revelers at Dragon*Con, Green Man Festival, and Brooklyn’s Hallowmass and Dances of Vice. The trio is embarking on a nationwide tour this fall — see them in Pittsburgh at Garfield Artworks on Tuesday, September 25th.

A vaudeville nightmare with a backbeat and catchy tunes…A three–ring American punk circus where something is going on in every dark corner, freaky and theatrical but unmistakably musical just the same.” – Bill DeYoung, Connect Savannah

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Giant Monster! aka “Daikaiju” – Howlers Sunday 9/9

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Daikaiju lands in Pittsburgh Sunday September 9!

Who is the Daikaiju???

Premium action heroes deliver most high rocket music!
Special reverb skill combo for full impact!
Loud sonic boom for earful pleasure! Beautiful radiation of hyper-dimensional springy sound creates divine psychic wind for your special defense!
Worship Psycho-surf band Daikaiju daily for good luck and health!

Daikaiju will bring their form of psycho-crazy surf rock to Howler’s this coming Sunday! If you mix surf, psychedelic, punk, jazz, and progressive rock into a blender, you will have Daikaiju’s hard hitting instrumental jams. Now combine psychedelic inspired visual projections and band members in kabuki masks and yes…you are going to have one heck of Sunday night!

Daikaiju has been listed amongst other surf rock greats such as the Mermen, Bambi Molesters, and of course, Man or Astro Man. I remember a boy in art school made me a Man or Astro Man mix-tape back in the day…

Anyways, Daikaiju isn’t about gimmicks. They are known for their technically aggressive music skills. A boy has to has to have skills… especially boys that respond to “Secret Man”, “Rock Man”, “Hands Man”, and “Rumble Man”!

Have your mind blown Sunday, September 9 at Howlers (4509 Liberty Ave. in Bloomfield). Show starts at 9 PM. Cover TBA. Over 21 only.

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TOBACCO: Sweatmother

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Pittsburgh’s own. Yes.

Black Moth Super Rainbow &  Tobacco

Saturday, November 10 2012

Mr. Smalls

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The Van Allen Belt: Saturday Bloomfield Bridge Tavern

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Saturday June 30th
The Van Allen Belt
w/ Le Cachot and FOX Japan
Bloomfield Bridge Tavern / 4412 Liberty Ave. / Pittsburgh, PA 15224 / (412) 682-8611
9pm / 18+ / $5
From: Pittsburgh
Genre: Dream-Pop / Psych / Electro
RIYL: Animal Collective, Jens Lekman, Nina Simone, Flying Lotus, Shirley Bassey, Phil Spector, The Ronnettes, Neutral Milk Hotel, Mike Doughty
Stream: “Lovely In Akron

The Van Allen Belt creates dreamy electro psych-pop that churns and swells around the exquisite vocals of Tamar Kamin. The Van Allen Belt has been described as creating John Barry-esque cinematic scores with vocals that conjure Shirley Bassey; invoking the Euro indiepop bombast of Jens Lekman to the symphonic swells of The Ronnettes;

The Van Allen Belt is hitting the road this spring and summer while the band preps their upcoming album, with a live performance that incorporates projected visuals comprised of original animations and paintings by digital artist/painter Peter Luckner (Ohio State University). See them in at home in Pittsburgh at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern on Sat. June 30th.

“This music ventures from the edge of 60’s psyche band territory (although they sound nothing like them, think Jefferson Airplane at their most playful), through soundtracks that defined ‘hip’ (think Bacharach meets Schifrin meets Barry), and on to the pure pop of luminaries like The Beach Boys, The Association, and the Mamas and Papas. Put all of those together (yes, I know, it is unfeasible, but…), add some of today’s technology, a great (I mean GREAT) pop sensibility, and you get an album like this: impossible to categorise, luscious to listen to.” – Leicester Bangs

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Feels Like Summer

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A Place to Bury Strangers: “So Far Away”

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Love these guys. So bummed I had the flu when they played Shadow Lounge a few weeks back…sigh…

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Cursive: Mr. Smalls Wednesday, March 28

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photo ©2009 geekstar.com

Cursive is currently touring the United States in support of their new album, I Am Gemini. The band will be playing at Mr. Smalls on Wednesday, March 28th with Cymbals Eat Guitars and Conduits.

I Am Gemini was recorded at Omaha’s ARC Studios and mixed at Red Room in Seattle, WA, with producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Minus The Bear, Isis).  The album tells the tale of Cassius and Pollock, twin brothers who were separated at birth. One good and one evil, their unexpected reunion in a house that is not a home ignites a classic struggle for the soul, played out with a cast of supporting characters that includes a chorus of angels and devils, and twin sisters conjoined at the head.

Recorded in the summer/fall of 2011 at Omaha, NE’s ARC Studios and mixed at Red Room in Seattle, WA with producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Minus The Bear, Isis), I Am Gemini marks the first time front man Tim Kasher, holding the completed story already in mind, wrote album lyrics in a linear fashion, in order, from song 1 to song 13.  The result is thirteen singularly cohesive song chapters that blend effortlessly into one unique narrative.

The moody and playfully sinister I Am Gemini is Cursive’s musically heaviest in years, with alternately muscular and angular guitars, pounding drums and driving bass. From the eerie introductory sounds of epic barnstormer “This House Alive” and the irresistibly catchy, insistent “The Sun and Moon”, to the searing “Double Dead” and the split personality prog-pop of “Twin Dragon/Hello Skeleton”, to the roaring, mournful closing track “Eulogy for No Name”, the album is a dynamic, mind-bending, and imaginative ride.

Cursive with guests Cymbals Eat Guitars and Conduits
Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Mr. Smalls Theatre
Doors: 7pm, Music: 8pm | All Ages
Tix: $16 adv, $18 dos

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